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D is for Da Vinci Code

I think, bar­ing some yet to be dis­cov­ered tribes in the deep­est parts of the Ama­zon, I was the last per­son on Earth to read The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown.

I bor­rowed a copy from a friend at the place where I was work­ing then returned it com­pletely read in about 3 days. For me the Da Vinci Code isn’t a great piece of lit­er­a­ture — it’s a good paced story rea­son­ably told which opens up the mind to pos­si­bil­i­ties. Of course, it’s writ­ten as fic­tion so we all *know* it’s made up. But it does pose the ques­tion of ‘what if?’.

If you are the last remain­ing indi­vid­ual of said Ama­zon tribe don’t read any fur­ther because it might spoil your read of the book.

I don’t read very much in the Chris­t­ian genre so I really didn’t think much about whether there could be a bloodline dat­ing back to the Christ. So this book got me think­ing and then lead me to other books on the Mag­da­lene the­o­ries then onto the Cathars. To me, it seems very pos­si­ble and, really, if God came down to show us the way and live life as a mor­tal why wouldn’t you expe­ri­ence hav­ing a fam­ily? And any­one who hap­pens to have kids knows just what an ‘expe­ri­ence’ that can be. *ahem* Any­way, it’s just a thought 😉

The Da Vinci Code also lead me on to con­sid­er­ing the Sacred Fem­i­nine and where it became a miss­ing link between our ances­tors and mod­ern cul­ture. I’ve read a lot more on the Catholic church, try­ing to grasp the pol­i­tics and thoughts, because of this book.

I also think it was respon­si­ble for open­ing up people’s eyes to the genius of Da Vinci and the beauty of the art world in gen­eral. It’s an added bonus to think of buried sym­bol­ism from the great artists of yes­ter­year. I’d seen the Last Sup­per before but never really noticed all the details.

And with­out the Da Vinci Code, I prob­a­bly would have passed by this book at a char­ity shop last week. It’s ‘How to Think Like Da Vinci’. Haven’t read it yet… but you may have realized that already lol 😉

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