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G is for Gargoyle

My hus­band picked out The Gar­goyle by Andrew David­son for me at our local library. The only rea­son the book caught his eye was that I’m a big fan of gar­goyles (and grotesques) so he thought I might enjoy it. I picked it up and almost put it down again because it was a love story. And I don’t usu­ally read romances.

Yet the word ‘gar­goyle’ is com­pelling to me so I checked it out anyway.

I got home and gave myself a dead­line of 2 chap­ters. That way I could l tell my hus­band ‘thank you very much but the book isn’t really me’ with­out feel­ing a drop of guilt.

I was hooked on the first page.

Gar­goyle isn’t your nor­mal love story. It’s writ­ten in the first per­son by a man whose name you never learn and it begins with a drug-fuelled car crash.

Whilst our nar­ra­tor is in hos­pi­tal recov­er­ing from hor­rific burns a young lady by the name of Mar­i­anne Engel vis­its him, from the psy­chi­atric ward he pre­sumes. Mar­i­anne is a tattooed, eccen­tric gar­goyle sculp­tor who tells him the most fan­tas­ti­cal sto­ries of a love affair that spans life­times and countries.

The man slowly and painfully begins to heal, although for­ever scarred. Mar­i­anne is his only con­stant vis­i­tor and he soon learns she has been search­ing for him. She believes she was a medieval nun who fell in love with him in a pre­vi­ous life of his. They mar­ried, she became preg­nant then tragedy struck.

Her storytelling, of sto­ries within sto­ries, and the way in which she views the world becomes addic­tive for the nar­ra­tor and when he is finally released from hos­pi­tal he moves in with Marianne.

I won’t tell you any­more of the book. It’s a love story for peo­ple who ‘don’t do romance’. It keeps you guess­ing through­out and you can’t help but to fall a lit­tle in love with Mar­i­anne yourself.

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