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Goblin Universe by Ted Holiday

I ordered this book from my local library for my hus­band because I saw it men­tioned some­where by some­one and I actu­ally remem­bered the title 10 min­utes later. It’s not a new book and I had to wait sev­eral weeks for the librar­i­ans to dig it out of the county store as it was buried amongst all the other ‘old’ and obscure books. You can find sec­ond hand copies on Ama­zon I believe and if you’re inter­ested have a word with your local library because they may just have a copy lurk­ing in the base­ment somewhere.

Don’t be fooled by the title because this book does not con­tain goblins.

Actu­ally this is a book which was never intended to be printed. The author, Ted Hol­i­day, sent his man­u­script off but then recalled it. It was after his death that it found its way into print with his mother giv­ing the only remain­ing man­u­script to author Colin Wilson.

It would have been a shame if this book hadn’t made it into the pub­lic domain because I’ve never read a book which cov­ers the gam­bit of para­nor­mal activ­ity in such a seam­less man­ner. The book starts with Ted’s account of Loch Ness and his search for drag­ons and before you reach the end of the book he’s cov­ered every­thing from Men in Black to Joan of Arc!

Ted didn’t start as a believer in the para­nor­mal but he kept hav­ing expe­ri­ences that made him ques­tion the fab­ric of real­ity. This is an account of one man’s jour­ney and if you can get a copy I’d highly rec­om­mend you travel along the path with Ted. It will give you much food for thought on what we call ‘real­ity’.

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