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I is for Indiana Jones

Indiana JonesI didn’t go to the cin­ema very often as a child.  My first film on the big screen was Star Wars, although that was a mis­take and I should have been watch­ing Snow White instead.  Any­way, I have very fond mem­o­ries of that film but prob­a­bly my biggest child­hood cin­ema mem­o­ries are from the Indian Jones trilogy.

My mother took my brother and I to see Raiders of the Lost Ark in 1981.  That was back in the days where you were prop­erly shown to your seats and heav­ens for­bid you should make a noise dur­ing the show as the usher would be on you like a ton of hot bricks!  We were safe though as I don’t think any­one made a peep dur­ing the movie.

Over the course of the three orig­i­nal films I couldn’t help but fall a lit­tle more in love with Indi­ana.  Watch­ing the first movie, as a lit­tle girl, Indi­ana was every­thing I thought a man should be — clever, coura­geous and loved old stuff.  He was my hero.  It wasn’t until I was very much older I learnt that real archae­ol­ogy isn’t quite as dynamic.

When the next film came out in 1984, Indi­ana Jones and the Tem­ple of Doom, it was another fam­ily out­ing to the cin­ema.  I think my mother was smit­ten! Indi­ana didn’t dis­ap­point me and again I was thrown into a world of good­ies, bad­dies and a bull­whip crack­ing hot­tie.  I will always remem­ber the feast scene where they are served mon­key brains because when we came home from the cin­ema my Dad had made din­ner — stuffed hearts!!  That was the last time I ever ate offal.

By the time the Last Cru­sade came to the big screen I was 16 but the tra­di­tion of see­ing Indi­ana Jones hadn’t died and again the three of us made our pil­grim­age to the High Street cin­ema.   The young Indy, played by the late River Phoenix, revealed the ori­gins of Dr. Henry Jones jr strange name.  Did I love him any less for being named after a fam­ily dog?  No.  Per­haps a lit­tle more.

After the Last Cru­sade it  was the end of our fam­ily Indi­ana outings.

I watched the 2008 film, Indi­ana Jones and the King­dom of the  Crys­tal Skulls with my own sons.  Indi­ana was much older but I didn’t care.  I was much older too.  Time moves on but luck­ily Indi­ana stays as the 36 year old Har­ri­son Ford on re-run fan­tasies played in my head.

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