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Library of HogwartsFor some peo­ple it’s a church or place of wor­ship which is a refuge, a safe loca­tion to take a step out of every­day life and to breath.  I’ve always headed straight for a library when I need safety and respite from the daily grind or when prob­lems need attention.

There is some­thing com­pelling and mag­ickal about a library.  I can find the solace oth­ers find in churches amongst books.  Usu­ally there is a quiet­ness in the library which is both sooth­ing and alive.  I can sit alone and feel the thoughts, feel­ings, and ideas that are con­tained within the thou­sands of pages.  It’s like vis­it­ing an art gallery as each book is a work of art, a mas­ter­piece of the author.

When I was a very lit­tle girl, barely older than my own daugh­ter, I would want to be taken to the library daily.  As I grew up I’d go by myself and even as a teenager I’d spend my Sat­ur­day after­noons sur­rounded by a pile of looks on a library table.

I’m very for­tu­nate to have a hus­band who enjoys libraries as much as I do.  We go at least once a week but gen­er­ally twice.  Our goal is to visit all the libraries in our county and we must have com­pleted over half by now.  When we move again into our dream house (when­ever that maybe) I’d love a library of my own…just like the one below

The Gothic Study - The Private Library of William Randolph Hearst

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